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Church School

Church School

Family Tree

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At All Saints’, we provide lively and interesting programs for our children through regular church school during the service, Summer Sunday School, and special events throughout the year.

Teachers share the instruction throughout the year, including the summer. Through special events and participation in worship, we aim for an intergenerational approach, and the result is that the children are known and valued by the congregation. A children’s room at the back of the worship space and a fully equipped nursery allow parents to supervise babies and young children while still participating in worship.

We see the arts as an essential component of a well-rounded education and as a way for our children to express and explore ideas about God and community. The Annual Advent Family Day focuses on the production of a piece of visual art by families working together. We tell the Christian story through liturgical drama once or twice a year. Under the direction of a professional artist, our children keep the mural in the library corridor painted with images representing stories from the Bible.

At All Saints’ we cherish our children and walk with them in our faith journey.

Church School Registration Form

Summer Sunday School

This year, our theme is Trees of the Bible; so we will be looking at stories of the burning bush, the tree in Eden, et cetera. The classes run from June 2nd to September 1st, and we are looking for volunteers from the congregation to lead one (or two!) classes. Please speak to Barbara and let her know that you would like to join the teaching team!

Summer Sunday School

Servers’ Guild

ASW Server 

Our young people play an important role in worship through the ministry of serving at the Eucharist. Youth aged eleven and older act as crucifer, candle bearer, and assistant during the service and in the process, plant their own roots a little deeper in the traditions and teaching of the Christian community.

At the annual intake of new servers, a one-month preparation and training gives the teens the confidence they need to take on this leadership role.

Youth Groups

Under the leadership of Barbara Robertson, youth in grades 6-8 meet on Sunday mornings for the Rite 13 program. High School teens are led by Steve Sibbald in a variety of activities which include basketball nights, excursions for movies, drama, and concerts, and a spiritual pilgrimage which is a highlight of the program.

We see our youth as companions on the way, both learning from us and teaching us. We aim to give them wings so that they can go forward and continue their faith walk, well equipped and blessed by us.


Canadian Lutheran-Anglican Youth Gathering (CLAY)

Parish youth have the opportunity to participate in the Canadian Lutheran-Anglican Youth gathering, which happens every two years.

CLAY participants

CLAY participants