Church-frontWho are we?

All Saints’ Westboro, located at 347 Richmond Road, is a parish of the Diocese of Ottawa, which is a diocese of the Anglican Church of Canada, and a part of the worldwide Anglican Communion.


Who are the Anglicans?

Anglicans are members of a worldwide family of churches, 44 regional, national or member churches tracing their descent from the church in England. The Anglican Church of Canada is one of these member churches, self-governing in its decision-making but working together with others in the family of churches called the Anglican Communion.


What will you notice when you come into All Saints’?

You will see in a central position at the front of the church the altar, the table at which the Eucharist (Holy Communion), is celebrated every Sunday. You will see to one side the font where baptisms take place 4 or 5 times a year. Baptism is the way that we receive the gift of new life and become part of the Christian community. You will see stories from scripture in stained glass, and crosses and other symbols of the Christian faith. You will see the colour of the season in the altar hangings and vestments.


How do we worship?

Anglican worship is “common prayer,” using set liturgical texts printed in prayer books (The Book of Common Prayer and The Book of Alternative Services) and in the Sunday leaflet. For Anglicans, the familiar prayers repeated each Sunday allow us to enter into worship more deeply as we offer our worship and ourselves to God.

Anglican worship is biblical. Our liturgical texts are full of scripture. At each service, we hear three passages of Scripture and a psalm. The lectionary (list of readings) covers much of the Bible over a 3 year period.

Anglican worship is sacramental. We believe that God’s grace is expressed through material things – bread, wine, water, oil. The weekly Eucharist is at the heart of our lives, giving us food for the journey. It brings us into communion with God and with each other. Baptism and other sacramental rites mark important moments in our religious life, both as individuals and as members of a community.

Anglican worship involves both clergy and lay people. The priest presides at the altar. Lay people (men, women and children) assist. They read scripture lessons, lead in the intercessions, assist with the Eucharist and lead in the singing. We all participate by joining in hymns and prayers. Anglican worship is a community activity.


What worship services do you have?

Our main services of worship are the Sunday morning Eucharist’s at 8:00 and 9:30. The 8:00 service is a quiet said service. The 9:30 service has music and hymns. During the 9:30 service the children are also invited to join the Church School following the Children’s story (usually with puppets). There is an area in the Church for the children to colour pictures or to read books that are available. We gather for fellowship and coffee after the 9:30 service.

Each Wednesday we gather in the Chapel for a 10:00 a.m. This service of the Eucharist (Holy Communion) includes two hymns and is a little less formal. There is a time of fellowship and coffee after the service.

On the first Sunday of each month (from October to June) we hold Jazz Vespers at 4:30 p.m. Jazz Vespers is a special service that joins together wonderful Jazz music played by local musicians and a quiet time of prayer and reflection.

Blessing animals

On the second Sunday of each month (from September to June) we hold the Taste and See Eucharist at 4:30 p.m.  “Taste & See”, an alternative Eucharist takes advantage of our flexible worship space.

On the fourth Sunday of each month (from September to June) we hold Evensong in our Chapel at 4:30 p.m. Evensong is led by a special All Saints’ choir and brings together traditional (Book of Common Prayer) worship with music and hymns.

Other occasional services include Celtic Vespers on the Sunday closest to March 17th; the Blessing of the Animals Service on the Sunday closest to October 4th; and Blue Christmas on a Sunday before Christmas.


Who are the ministers?

All Christians are called to bring to others the good news of God’s love. The baptismal covenant (BAS, p. 158-9) describes our call. Out of this ministry of all Christians, some people are called and ordained to special ministries in the church. The Anglican Church has three historic orders of ordained ministry: bishops, priests and deacons. All orders of ministry are open to both women and men.

The bishop has oversight of the church in a particular diocese, a geographical grouping of many parishes. Bishops ordain and appoint clergy; they celebrate baptisms and confirmations. They chair meetings of diocesan synods (gatherings of clergy and laity to transact the business of the diocese.) They meet with other bishops nationally and internationally. The bishop of Ottawa is the Right Rev. John Chapman. Priests are ordained and authorized to baptize, to celebrate the Eucharist, to hear confession and pronounce the absolution. They are responsible for the life of the parish and share with other clergy responsibility for the life of the diocese. The parish priest and rector of All Saints’ Westboro is the Venerable Christopher Dunn.

A deacon is one ordained to a ministry of service to others. All priests are first ordained as deacons. Some choose to remain deacons permanently, with a ministry of service. At present, we do not have a vocational deacon in the parish.

Lay people assist the ordained clergy in the running of the parish and in the pastoral ministries that are offered. Some lay people help during worship services as readers of scripture, in leading the prayers, as servers (generally ages 11 to 16), as diaconal ministers, and as those helping to administer at Communion.


How do Anglicans think about God and about life?

Anglican theology is shaped by three factors: Scripture, Tradition (the collected wisdom of the church over centuries,) and Reason (God’s gift of understanding and balanced judgment). We use all three to look at our own experience as we try to discern God’s will. Anglicans place a high value on scholarship and study.

Within the Anglican Communion, there is a variety of views and practices. We see doctrine as something that is not fixed for all time but is always changing and developing in new times and places.

Anglican prayers reflect our strong belief in the goodness of God’s creation. We hold an optimistic view of humanity. We believe that we are part of God’s good creation and are confident in God’s plan to bring us to our full potential as members of God’s human family. We believe that we are the stewards of creation, called to care for the natural world. We are called to take responsibility for the social order, to ensure that our society is a just and welcoming place for all people. We believe that God calls the church into being in order to do God’s work, transforming culture and making the world a place where God is known and God’s purpose fulfilled.

In the parish library, you will find books about Anglican history and practice. Two books that will tell you more about the Anglican Church are This Anglican Church of Ours and Meet the Family: Welcome to the Anglican Church of Canada. Both books are by Patricia Bays.


How are we governed?

Each week we gather at All Saints’ for worship, for community and support, and for mission and outreach to our community and beyond. At the annual Vestry Meeting in February, we elect wardens, delegates to synod, and members of the parish council. This group takes responsibility for looking after the church buildings, finances and programs.

We belong to the Diocese of Ottawa and send representatives to synod to discuss concerns and make decisions about the life of the Anglican Church in this area. As a diocese, we send representatives to Provincial Synod (regional gathering of dioceses mostly in the province of Ontario) and the General Synod of the Anglican Church of Canada, which makes decisions about our life as an Anglican church in this country.


What is the Partnership with First United?

partnershipAll Saints’ Westboro welcomed the members of First United Church into our building in 2007. First United Church sold their building on Kent Street and moved into the facilities at 347 Richmond Road. We remain two separate Churches and we celebrate at different times on a Sunday morning. We share the costs of running the building and the scheduling of activities. Once a year, normally in January, we hold a Partnership Sunday service together followed by a Pot Luck meal. On other occasions we work together on programs and events. Memorandum of Understanding between All Saints' Westboro and First United, 2012


Green Living

All Saints’ Westboro has a history of concern for the environment and love of Creation. The parish received a Green Church Award from the Ottawa Diocese in 2001, and an Ottawa Lady Bug Award for Natural Garden Care in 2006. In 2004, Corporation of ASW contracted John G. Cooke & Associates, Consulting Engineers to conduct a comprehensive assessment of buildings, note deficiencies, and recommend and prioritize repairs. Their report, which also addressed public safety and operational costs, and an Electricity and Energy Audit conducted by the EnviroCentre in 2007, provide guidance for the Property Committee’s on-going stewardship. To date we have installed a tankless hot water heater (2008), converted lighting to more energy-efficient forms (2010-13), insulated the roof of the chapel in conjunction with the installation of a Decra 50-year steel roof on the Chapel and church hall complex (2010), initiated a program of window replacement (2012), and installed new high efficiency gas-fired boilers in conjunction with the renewal of the radiant in-floor heating system in the sanctuary (2013).


Access Features

  • An accessible lift between our three main floors
  • A loop to hearing-aids through our sound system
  • Shortened pews for wheelchairs, walkers and baby carriages
  • Wheelchair accessible washrooms


For instructions, please visit the CNIB WEBSITE LINK HERE.


Regular Services

8:00am Eucharist
9:30am Sunday School
9:30am Sung Eucharist

10:00am Eucharist

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